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Walk Hard Jenna Fischer

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They move to Berkeley, California in 1966 at the beginning of the counterculture movement. Dewey's new singing style is compared to that of Bob Dylan, which Dewey angrily denies. In the next scene, a music video shows that Dewey's new song mimics Dylan's style, including opaque lyrics ("The mouse with the overbite explained/how the rabbits were ensnared/ and the skinny scanty sylph/ trashed the apothecary diplomat/ inside the three-eyed monkey/ within inches of his toaster-oven life. "). On a band visit to India, Dewey takes LSD with The Beatles, leading to a "Yellow Submarine"-esque hallucination. Dewey becomes obsessed with every aspect of the recording process and is consumed with creating his masterpiece "Black Sheep" (a homage to Brian Wilson's "Smile"). The band resents his insane musical style and abusive behavior, and breaks up; Darlene, also unable to deal with Dewey, leaves him for Glen Campbell. During another stint in rehab, Dewey is visited by the ghost of Nate, who ridicules his self-pity and tells him to start writing songs again.

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