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Walk Hard Jenna Fischer

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Within 35 minutes, the song becomes a hit, and Dewey begins to get caught up in the fame of rock and roll. Dewey stumbles upon Sam and some attractive groupies smoking marijuana, Sam gives Dewey mixed messages, touting the virtues of the drug while insisting at the same time "you don't want no part of this shit" (which becomes a running gag); when Dewey decides he wants it, Sam quickly lets him in. His attitude and drug problems cause him to become unfaithful to Edith, who doesn't help matters by continually wailing to Dewey that he'll never make it as a singer, even though he notes he's been a huge musical success for most of their marriage. Dewey's father then returns to inform Dewey that Dewey's mother has died while dancing to Dewey's song on the radio, and that he blames Dewey's music for her death, reminding Dewey "the wrong kid died. " A distraught Dewey discovers Sam using cocaine (which Sam says turns "bad feelings into good feelings") and partakes. The next rehearsal shows Dewey performing "Walk Hard" in a cocaine-fueled punk rock rage. Darlene Madison, a church choir girl, enters Dewey's life, and with her Dewey produces several more hit records amid a courtship laden with sexual tension. Dewey weds Darlene while still married to Edith, which leads to both women leaving him. He then snaps at his chimpanzee companion, who is "only concerned with fruit and touching himself". Dewey is eventually busted after purchasing drugs from an undercover cop, serves time in jail, and spends time in rehab before Darlene returns.

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