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Tory Green 2017

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When Molly's mother takes a job, the girls are looked after by their neighbor Mrs. Gilford, who is stern and obsessed with her son who is in the Navy. Soon after, the McIntires must take in a British girl named Emily Bennett who is the same age as Molly. At first, Emily is very shy and Molly doesn't want to live with her but Jill insists she must. After being peppered with too many questions about her home in London, Emily lies to Linda & Susan by saying that her parents were of royalty and she lived in "Bennett Manor. " When Emily wakes up in the midst of a nightmare, she confesses to Molly that her father is a bus driver, her mother has died and she lived in a small apartment above a candy shop and was not rich or royal. Molly forgives her. When Molly sees her mother baking a casserole for Mrs. Gilford, she learns that her son had been killed at war and feels empathetic toward her. Not long after, Miss Campbell's fiancé had also been killed. In the end of the movie, Molly and Emily both win the spelling bee and Molly is chosen to be Miss Victory. She also is very ecstatic to learn that her father is still alive and only wounded in his leg.

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