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Tenzing Norgay Trainor Brother

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Olivia "Liv" Rooney (Dove Cameron) is one of a pair of identical twins of the Rooney family. She is the eldest child of the family and older sister to Joey and Parker. Liv left the family for four years, beginning at the age of 11, to star in a popular television program, "Sing It Loud!", to which she continually refers. During her time on that show, Liv was living with her Aunt Dena. Liv is a sophomore at Ridgewood High. When Liv and Maddie celebrate their sweet sixteen in "Sweet 16-a-Rooney", Karen states that Liv, who was born at 11:56 PM, is six minutes older than Maddie, who was technically born a day later. Liv's siblings affectionately call her "Hollywood". At the end of the first season, Liv begins production on "Space Werewolves", a film adaptation of a fictional graphic novel series of the same name. Liv stars as Tristan Lycanth in the film adaptation after being able to fully master all the traits of the wolf with the help of writer Emmy "Fangs" Wulfert. Although the protagonist of the story was originally a boy in the graphic novels, Liv was picked for the role because of her acting career on "Sing It Loud!" and the role of Tristan was changed from a boy to a girl.

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