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According to a 2001 New York Times item, some social scientists complain that the 86 percent success rate of Teen Challenge disregards the people who dropped out during the program, even though most other such programs also count only those who complete their program. Since Teen Challenge is a longer term program, often lasting up to a year, more people do pull out than do in programs that are a few days to a few weeks long. So, counting dropouts could also fail to show the true effectiveness of the program, since those individuals didn't complete the program and gain the full effectiveness of it. Teen Challenge reports that in the program's first four-month phase, 25 to 30 percent typically drop out, and in the next eight months, 10 percent more leave. In their testimony before the United States House Committee on Ways and Means, Texas Freedom Network Education Fund, have claimed that the much-quoted success rates "dramatically distort the truth", due to the lack of reference to the drop-out rate. Doug Wever, author of, "The Teen Challenge Therapeutic Model" has stated, "I would respectfully suggest that the Texas Freedom Network's position here is overstated in that it's not unusual at all for the research design of effectiveness studies to look only at graduates; therefore the outcomes of these independent studies do provide a legitimate and dramatic basis for comparison given the results. At the same time, Teen Challenge must be careful to communicate what has actually been measured. "

In 1973, 15 years after the ministry began, Teen Challenge established a national headquarters. [1]

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