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Orphan Black Cosima And Delphine

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In scenes in which Tatiana Maslany has multiple parts, the production films the scene multiple times with dolly-mounted motion control cameras that replicate the movement between each shot. This apparatus, the Technodolly, is referred to as the "Time Vampire" on the Orphan Black set, due to the amount of time multiple clone scenes take from the production schedule. In these scenes, Maslany first acts the scene with her body double Kathryn Alexandre in the alternate clone role, then alone in the same clone role, then alone in the alternate clone, and a fourth time with the scene filmed with just the camera motion for a background plate. [41] Suspended tennis balls help Maslany retain the proper eye lines. In post-production, Alexandre and the tennis balls are replaced with the images of Maslany from the alternate shots, thereby allowing for more action in scenes where she interacts with herself. [42][43][44] In the season 2 finale, when a dance party scene called for the presence of four different clones, two days of shooting and several additional body doubles were used to create the effect, and post-production work from Geoff Scott and his team at Intelligent Creatures VFX is rumored to have taken hundreds of hours to complete. [45]

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