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On The Nose

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The game is played for a car. The gameboard features a five-by-five floor grid of 25 digits, on which the contestant must walk a five-step path to spell out the price of the car in order to win it. The contestant begins in the center square, which contains the first digit, and every correct square is horizontally or vertically adjacent to the one before it. Diagonal steps, backtracking, and stepping onto already-used squares are not allowed. If the contestant steps onto an incorrect digit at any time, he or she must back up to the last correct digit and earn a second chance by pricing one of three smaller prizes. The contestant chooses a prize and must choose the correct price from two options. If the contestant succeeds, he or she wins that prize and another chance to choose the next correct digit in the car's price. If the contestant fails to choose the correct price, he or she may try to win another second chance with a different prize. If the contestant steps on an incorrect digit with no small prizes remaining or guesses the incorrect price for the third small prize, the game ends. [55]

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