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Monster Energy Wallpaper Purple

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In June 2017, Sara Rabuse of Los Angeles County filed a personal injury claim against Monster Energy Company executive, Brent Hamilton, and his employer, Monster Energy Corporation. [51] Rabuse is suing for damages while she was violently attacked during a Monster Energy work function Hamilton invited her to attend. Rabuse Claims Hamilton, Executive of the Monster Energy Music Department, flew her from Los Angelesto meet him at the Country Music Awards in Nashville at Monster Energy’s Company expense. When she arrived in Nashville at the airport, he was drunk. Sara Rabuse claims the heavy drinking led to a fight in the hotel room, where Hamilton choked her. [52] Rabuse claims the only way to free herself from Hamilton's grasp was to poke him in the eye, but when she did, Hamilton, bit her thumb. Rabuse claimed the bite got infected, forcing her to spend 24 hours in the hospital. Rabuse holds Monster Energy Company responsible because the company allegedly knew of its employees drinking problem and ignored it[53]. May 2019 Nearly three years after he was arrested in late 2016 for allegedly strangling his girlfriend on a business trip, Monster Energy executive Brent Hamilton has been ousted from the company, according to four people familiar with the situation [54]

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