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Madden 25 Ps3

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Improvements over the previous Madden titles include upgraded graphics (including for the first time real metallic shine for teams with metallic helmets for the Xbox One and PS4 releases), better real-time physics, new running controls, and a reactive environment, including a playing field that wears out in high-activity areas. The next-gen console versions are better equipped to handle these updates due to their extra processing power. Player-character foot tracking is five times as accurate on the newer consoles. The debuting Ignite game engine tracks all on-field players simultaneously in order to predict path collisions for more realistic impacts. The game can also store more animations to make player movement more realistic. The next-gen versions will also include exclusive features, such as an improvement to pass blocking where increased computer player awareness lets the artificial intelligence change priorities mid-play and double-team players, new to the Madden series. These choices are designed to let the player think more like the quarterback instead of retreating every play to evade the rushing defensive players.

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