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Jim Jones Sagging

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As per Larry Lee, one of the reasons Jones fled to Guyana was because he was running away from David Conn, an ordinary citizen who had sensitive information about him,[61] after having spent eight years conducting a private investigation of Jim Jones. [61] Conn, formerly of Richmond, California, knew several members of Peoples Temple. [61] When these members became disenchanted with Jim Jones they confided in their friend David Conn. [61] They told David about the crimes, false healings and other misdeeds committed by Jim Jones and his top aides. David, in turn, passed this information on to police and the U. S. Treasury Department and to four newspaper reporters (Lester Kinsolving, Marshall Kilduff, Tim Reiterman and Nancy Dooley), and to a government attorney (Larry Lee Litke). [61] When Jim Jones learned about David Conn and discovered that defecting members were giving David details about his nefarious deeds and criminal activities, Jones panicked. Trepidation and paranoia gripped Jones when he heard from Dennis Banks, a Native American leader, that David Conn was talking to a Treasury agent, a reporter, and a government lawyer about him. [61] So, Jones decided it was time to leave the country and take his flock to Guyana. However, it was too late, and David's intervention played a part in the downfall of Jim Jones and the destruction of his empire, the Peoples Temple. [61]

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