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Ibanez Jet King Omar

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The first and discontinued edition of the Jet King II is probably the most collectible of all the range. The body is finished in brown sunburst with tortoise pickguard and has two Ibanez Super 58 pickups for neck and bridge. The Jet King II models made from 2003/11 to 2004/10 features a 1-piece maple bolt-on neck with rosewood fingerboard and the body is mahogany. The second and most popular edition of the JTK 2 (black and white and red and white) has only one Super 58 pickup for the neck, one Axis pickup for the bridge and a 3-piece neck like most Ibanez guitars. Standard colors for the Jet King II second edition were black or red with white pickguards, though examples of a white body and black pickguards have been seen. The Ibanez Super 58 pickup has a warm vintage sound while the Axis has a brighter and more aggressive sound. It has one volume knob, one tone knob, "rocker switches" used for coil splitting (for even more versatility), a fixed Full Tune III bridge and a string-thru body construction, providing fair sustain. The "rocker switches" allow this guitar to be very versatile. Some players[who?] claim it can imitate a Fender Jazzmaster or a Gibson Les Paul.

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