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Godzilla Unleashed Biollante

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Like its predecessors, Godzilla Unleashed plays as a 3D fighting game with the option to play with up to four monsters at a time, with or without teams. While the PS2 version involves only button presses, the Wii version uses a combination of button presses and physically moving the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Basic punch and kick attacks are through the A and B buttons while more powerful and aggressive strikes require swinging of the remote up, down or sideways while pressing A and/or B. Movement is done by the analog stick on the Nunchuk, and flicking it upwards allows players to jump. Flicking both the remote and Nunchuk allows monsters to grab nearby opponents or environmental objects, and throw them. Weapon and beam attacks also return, but are much less powerful and do not lock on, although they can be sustained for much longer periods of time. Rage Mode from the previous games is absent, but monsters can achieve "Critical Mass" by destroying the energy crystals found in arenas, which causes them to temporarily increase in size, glow red (similar looking to Burning Godzilla from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah), and deal more damage.

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