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Hananiah bar Hama wrote about the extreme immoralities perpetrated by gentiles. He believed that in messianic time only the heathen will be subject to death. Hezekiah ben Hiyya believed that treating gentiles with hospitality results in the exile of the children. Johanan bar Nappaha wrote of the mistreatment of the Jews by gentiles. He believed that the evil of the serpent was neutralized in Jews, whereas the gentiles still have that in their blood. While he also wrote that the wise amongst the gentiles should be treated as a wise man, he further wrote that a gentile who reads Torah deserves death. He has also said, "Whoever abandons idolatry is called Jew. " Abbahu complains of gentile mistreatment of Israel. He endorsed the law according to which a gentile should not be compensated if his ox was damaged by an Israelite. Assi suggested that gentiles should not be taught about the laws of the Torah. Abba b. Kahana refers to the book of Ruth and preaches against the racial arrogance of Israel.

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