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Ferrari Portofino

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In Hong Kong, the Portofino was launched in late March 2018, making it the third time in Ferrari's history to launch a new car in the city's prestigious Peninsula Hotel (Enzo in 2003, followed by FF in 2010). Unlike previous occasions where the vehicle launch occurred in only one part of the ground floor lobby, the Portofino's launch occupied the hotel's entire ground floor area, where a few other Ferrari models were also parked outside the drop-off area, and creative lighting featuring the Ferrari's Prancing Horse logo was also projected on the hotel's exterior walls. A China-spec, left-hand drive model was displayed, which features a simplified Chinese menu display -- a rare move for Ferrari as not all Chinese-speaking Asian regions would receive a Chinese language menu. Pricing for the Portofino in Hong Kong (as of April 2018) starts from HK$3. 5M, with deliveries scheduled later in the year. A proper right-hand drive model was first spotted at the city's 488 Pista launch event on late June 2018.

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