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Delta Airlines 777

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Delta operated a different buy on board program between 2003 and 2005. [80][81] The previous program had items from differing providers, depending on the origin and destination of the flight. [82][83] Prices ranged up to $10 ($13. 26 when adjusted for inflation). The airline started the service on a few selected flights in July 2003, and the meal service was initially offered on 400 flights. [84] Delta ended this buy on board program in 2005; instead, Delta began offering snacks at no extra charge on flights over 90 minutes to most U. S. domestic flights and some flights to the Caribbean and Latin America. Beginning in mid-March 2005 the airline planned to stop providing pillows on flights within the 48 contiguous U. S. states, Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America. In addition, the airline increased the price of alcoholic beverages on Delta mainline flights from $4 ($5. 13 when adjusted for inflation) to $5 ($6. 41 when adjusted for inflation); the increase in alcohol prices did not occur on Song flights. [84]

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