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Professor Freddy Cardoza defined Community Service-Learning as “Service learning is a Pedogogy (or a specific teaching-learning approach) that has few lectures, and is a more interactive hand's on educational strategy which provides students with instruction while leading them through meaningful community service experiences and engaging them in personal reflection on those experiences in order to build character and to teach problem-solving skills and civic responsibility. ” not found] Professor Cardoza stressed that it was important for a student take some time and reflect on what they are experiencing, seeing, doing, and what problems they are encountering and how they are going to apply what they have been learning to solve these problems. In other words, service-learning aims to link the personal and interpersonal development with cognitive development, as well as equipping the student with critical knowledge to help them understand the world. not found]

Blidworth Neighbourhood Watch forum has been created to provide a medium for people to express their views on issues which affe

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