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He also responded in an April 2017 interview with ComingSoon. net, where the director had ever recalled if his TV mother (Yvonne De Carlo) was hiding tiny portions of dialogue around the set, attaching to props to help jog her memory, where it was added to her performance: "No, not in The Munsters she wasn't doing that. Maybe later in life. Because sometimes your memory starts slipping on you. But that's a great idea, actually! I'll have to remember that!" He also had said if he had ever kept in touch with his on-screen family after The Munsters was canceled, esp. De Carlo, herself, who died on January 8, 2007, was: "No, after the show ended, everyone went their own ways. But in the early '80s, I contacted Al Lewis and we became friends and I started attaching myself to the Munster name and brand. And then 10 years after that I started talking to Yvonne. I was actually a guest on The Vicki Lawrence Show where I was this surprise guest brought out for Yvonne and after that we became friends. I started going up and visiting her and she was somewhat of a recluse, living in North Los Angeles and I introduced her to this guy in Hollywood who would send her care packages, movies to watch and sort of get her back in the loop of Hollywood. "

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