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Amur Leopard Cubs

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Historic records from before 1930 indicate that the Amur leopard occurred in Eastern Siberia, in Northern China near Beijing and in the mountains to the northwest, and in Korea. Its range once extended throughout Manchuria in northeastern China, including Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces, and throughout the Korean Peninsula. In Russia, its range was dramatically reduced during the 1970s to about 20% of its former range. The northern boundary of its occurrence commenced on the coast of the Sea of Japan at 44°N and ran south at a distance of 15–30 km (9. 3–18. 6 mi) from the coast to 43°10'N. There its range turned steeply westward, north of the Suchan River basin, then north to encompass the source of the Ussuri River and two right bank tributaries in the upper reaches of the Ussuri, and westward toward the bank of Khanka Lake. In the 1950s, leopards were observed 50 km (31 mi) north of Vladivostok and in Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve. The association of the leopard with mountains is fairly definite, and to snow-free south-facing rocky slopes in winter. The species is confined more to places where wild sika deer live or where deer husbandry is practiced.

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