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The European roots of the United States are in the English settlers of colonial America during British rule. The varieties of English people as opposed to the other peoples in the British Isles were the overwhelming majority ethnic group in the 17th century (population of the colonies in 1700 250,000) and were 47. 9% of percent of the total population of 3. 9 million. They constituted 60% of the whites at the first census in 1790 (%, 3. 5 Welsh, 8. 5 Ulster Scots, 4. 3 Scots, 4. 7 Southern Irish, 7. 2 German, 2. 7 Dutch, 1. 7 French and . 2 Swedish), The American Revolution, Colin Bonwick, 1991, p.  254. The English ethnic group contributed the major cultural and social mindset and attitudes that evolved into the American character. Of the total population in each colony they numbered from 30% in Pennsylvania to 85% in Massachusetts, Becoming America, Jon Butler, 2000, pp.  9–11. Large non-English immigrant populations from the 1720s to 1775, such as the Germans (100,000 or more), Scotch Irish (250,000), added enriched and modified the English cultural substrate, The Encyclopedia of Colonial and Revolutionary America, Ed. John Mack Faragher, 1990, pp.  200–202. The religious outlook was some versions of Protestantism (1. 6% of the population were English, German and Irish Catholics ).

According to the CIA , [15] the following is the percentage of total population's native languages in the United States:

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