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Ali Zafar Wedding Pics With His Wife

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On 22 March 2019, a district sessions judge issued orders to wrap up Ali Zafar’s defamation suit against Meesha Shafi by 15 April. . [87] Earlier, on 9 March 2019, Ali Zafar filed a petition against Meesha Shafi over submitting an allegedly fake affidavit in the civil court. The petition stated there is a contradiction in the date mentioned on the affidavit and the account of the events shared in it. The legal counsel of Shafi requested adjournment of the court session over petition filed by Zafar. [88]Following the nominations of the 2019 Lux Style Awards, in which Zafar was nominated for Best Actor, several artists withdrew their nominations due to the fact that Zafar had also been nominated. [89] After this, Zafar conducted an interview outside of the courtroom where he said he, "will prove Meesha Shafi lied. "[90] The next day, Zafar conducted another interview with on Geo News, in which he was seen breaking down into tears. [91] Zafar also stated in this interview that there were fake accounts on social media that were being used to malign him. [92] Shafi then conducted an interview on the same channel, in which she said that there was no campaign against Zafar. She added that she publicly came out against him because they were going to be appearing on a show together, and she did not want to spend that much time with him in fear that he would harass her again. She continued to say that she had attempted to communicate this, "privately through representatives in a very clear manner," but she, "didn't get any breakthrough. " [93]

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